Tuesday, June 30, 2009

W O W ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

That is NOT me, but I went S K Y D I V I N G last weekend with my son, Adam!! It was definitely out of my box, but it was Absolutely . . . Amazing, and Awesome!!! I JUMPED OUT OF AN AIRPLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was our weekend to celebrate! We jumped out of a plane and then went to Lake Tahoe – it was an incredible weekend – one I will NEVER forget! THANK YOU, ADAM! We celebrated (REALLY celebrated!!) his upcoming wedding. Here’s a picture of us on the ground after our jump – FLYBOYS!!!

Now, speaking of AWESOME and AMAZING . . . my Japanese House block of the month, RYOKAN, is about ready to have it’s second wave start.It is almost filled up…but there are still a few openings. Call the shop NOW if you are interested. (925) 676-5522.

AND, we have a WINNER!!! This is for 8 fat quarters of Japanese fabrics by Lecien and my pattern, Fall Baskets. The winner (randomly selected) is QUILTMEPRETTY….you responded on 6/10/09 at 8:46AM. PLEASE send me your name and address (jawood88@hotmail.com) and I’ll get these sent to you right away! THANK YOU all ! ! ! ! ! AND, you must stay tuned. I have more giveaways coming soon – COSMO embroidery floss and a pattern by Brenda from Acorn Quilt and Gift Company! She is wonderful and her work is outstanding! Sooooooooooo, PLEASE STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Vintage" TV R U L E S ! ! ! ! ! ! !

You responded to my TV Trivia Game in DROVES!!!! In addition to responding via "Comments", I also received 78 e-mails!!!! Sooooo, I'm a HAPPY guy!!!! THANKS for playing the game AND C O N G R A T S to LISA!!!!! Lisa is the random drawing winner of the Lecien fat quarters from my stash and my Fall Baskets pattern. You posted your response on May 26 @ 8:33AM. Lisa, PLEASE send me an e-mail (jawood88@hotmail.com) with your address and I'll get these to you!!! Again, CONGRATS!!!
This was just so much FUN, I want to play the game ONE MORE TIME!!! Here's five more vintage TV shows that I remember from my childhood. Respond with the names of these TV classics to have a chance to win 8 Japanese fabrics by Lecien and a pattern!!!!

We recently hosted a retreat up in the "gold country" - we had a great time and we have more retreats coming this year! Check out our website or contact the shop for more details. You deserve a break from the reality of everyday life - come up to the mountains with us and get away from it all!! Bring your own projects and be prepared to sew, and laugh, and eat, and laugh, and eat, and sew!!! http://www.thimblecreek.com/


We're having a book signing at our shop with the amazing Denise Sheehan - her new book is The Graceful Garden. It's a beautiful book and Denise will be at the shop to sign your copy on Saturday, June 20th from 11am - 1pm. Hope to see you at the shop!!!

ThimbleCreek, 1150 Burnett Ave #D, Concord, CA 94520

I am so excited to have a vegetable garden this year! In a few short weeks, my tiny little plants have erupted into a mass of green - with little yellow flowers that will eventually be tomatoes and zucchini - and the corn we will have!!! Yup, I'm EXCITED!!!!! I haven't had a vegetable patch for many, many years. Our son, Adam, gave Roxie a huge antique "horse trough" for Mothers Day that I filled with soil and planted my vegetables - check it out!!!

You are all just terrific!!! And, this whole blogging adventure is amazingly fun!!! I'm adding two more friends to my list of "friends". Their blogs are chock full of good stuff and both Joanna and Anne are truly my friends. If you haven't enjoyed their blogs yet, what are you waiting for??

Stay Tuned for more summer fun!! Has anyone seen "UP" yet? I can't wait to see this one!!!!

Talk to you again soon.......