Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Bells Rang . . . .

for Sarah and Adam on July 12, 2009! It was an amazing day - perfect in every way!!

Roxie and I are still in a daze - it takes time to assimilate after such a major event! Here's a couple of pictures of the beautiful couple:

After the wedding, Roxie and I went on vacation - just back from Kauai! We haven't had a real vacation in YEARS and this get away was just what the doctor ordered. We are now back to reality - in a fog, but we're baaaaaaaack!!!

This will be a short post....much to do....LOTS of stuff going on here at ThimbleCreek! We're starting to put together new patterns and kits for all the shows coming up this Fall (How can it be? Wasn't it just Christmas a few weeks ago?)

So, I'll ask you all to STAY TUNED! I'll have more give aways coming very very very SOON!!!!!