Monday, June 21, 2010

REVISIT THE 60s!!!!! Part Seven

Fun and Interesting 1960s Facts!!!!

1960 1969

President Dwight Eisenhower Richard Nixon

Vice President Richard Nixon Spiro Agnew

Dow Jones Average 680 952

Cost of a new home $12,500 $15,500

Unemployment Rate 5.5% 3.6%

Average ANNUAL Household Income $5,300 $8,500

Cost of a Gallon of Regular Gas $0.31 $0.35

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  1. Here's one for you. I remember in 1969 that a year in college cost me $2500 and that included rooms and meals!

  2. It was fun to look at the comparison. Wish gas was that price ;)

  3. I remember getting four gallons of gas for $1.00
    camping out in the backyard on our lawn chairs
    having a neighborhood pig roast
    playing all day...every day...
    digging in the ditch behind our house and bringing home baby rabbits...

  4. Oh lord yes! I still remember my parents getting gas at 29 cents a gallon. Amazing!!

  5. Oh my goodness! What comparisons to today! I remember when I receive a babysitting raise from 15 cents to 25 cents an hour in the mid-60s.

  6. In the late 60's I was getting 50 cents an hour to babysit and then I'd go out and spend my money on something crafty - like fabric to make an outfit - yes, even when I was 11 or 12, I wanted fabric!


  7. Picking up Coke bottle's to return to store to get "penny candy's"
    I remember when they changed to 2 cents each!
    How about the green stamps and all the great things you could save for.

  8. My mom talks about the early 60's... there was no bridge from Benicia to Martinez. The line of cars would go almost to Fairfield during holidays! The car ferry only carried only so many cars. The remnants of the ferry are at the park Shoreline Park in Martinez and in Benicia at the end of 5th Street. The Benicia Martinez Bridge was build in 1962. It was the last car ferry in service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    People did not lock their front doors.

    Holidays: Good Friday, in Benicia all businesses closed from 12pm to 3pm.

    In Benicia, the U.S. Army Arsenal was still active in the early 60's. Benicia was the first west coast army post in 1847 and closed in 1964.

    In Benicia, the Dominican Convent, St. Catherine's, built a 5 story block long convent in 1854, which stood at the head of First Street (where the Safeway store and shopping center is now located). The Catholic elementary school moved from the convent to a new building next to St. Dominic's Catholic Church. Mom said there were orphans that the Dominican Sisters took care of at the convent. One of the newer buildings next to the convent was saved when the 5 story block long convent was torn down. The newer building was moved 2 1/2 blocks and is now the city's recreation building next to the city pool and across the street from the city park with the tennis courts. All the Dominican Sisters moved to the main convent in San Rafael. (The 1880 block long 5 story Victorian Dominican convent in San Rafael was burnt down in 1990.)

  9. Oh, how I remember the 60's - graduated in '61, married in '63 and bought our first house for $17,500 in '64. Life was good!

  10. Oh My I was young then! I got my first Job in a Grocery store. Minimum pay was $1.56 but I started at $2.48 and was a junior in High School. I thought I was going to be rich. At the same time I remember gas wars and gas was sometimes 25 cents a gallon. Would love to win the fat quarters that is such a lovely line. Thanks for the chance.

  11. My family moved to Orinda in 1960 and purchased a home for $21,000. It was a HUGE amount of money. We have pictures of my brother and me sitting on the hills above our home playing in the big hay stacks that were piled high. Of course, that space has been filled with homes for a long time. Ah, memories...

  12. I'm enjoying the 60's posts! Fun! I was born in '63---just a few months before Kennedy was shot. I don't remember that of course, but the rest of the 60's were good for my growing up years.

  13. I spent most of the 60's in grade school so I really don't remember the cost of too many things. I don't regret growing up in the 60's one bit.

  14. Well, I was born in 1967, so I can't really remember anything in 1969. However, my mom has said many times that they owned their own home then "without bank interference".


  15. I remember, I could get a gallon of gas, hamburger and shake for a $1.00. Geez those were the day's. Didn't quilt then though, so I would miss that part for sure.

  16. I grew up in the 60's. Summer's were the best. Play outside all day long with friends up and down the block. Mom called us in for dinner, then back out until the street lights came on. People looked out for each others kids. No worries.

  17. loved the 60s. Summer at home, riding horses and playing with my best friends Lisa and Jan. What fun.

  18. Loved the 60's. A different time then. Kids could play outside, I could walk blocks back home in the dark, not to say there wasn't crime at all, but it seemed to be a pretty laid back time. I'm sure the parents thought it wasn't, what with the hippies & drugs coming about.

  19. My first job was at an A&W where I made 79 cents per hour. After work we would pool our tips to buy gas and "cruise"!