Thursday, June 24, 2010

REVISIT THE 60s!!!!!!!! Part Ten

HIP HIP HOORAY - what FUN this has been!!!!!!!!!

The 60s was a decade dominated by war - the effects of Vietnam (although not a world war) were felt worldwide. The 60s was the start of showing that people can effect politics. Student demonstrations began. JFK became the 35th president and he was assassinated in November, 1963. These are events we will never forget. It was 1969 when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. WOW!!!!!!!!
The smiley face became popular! Women wore mini skirts and leather boots - men wore paisley shirts and bell bottoms. The innocence of the 50s turned into the hippie generation. It was a decade of change (but, aren't they all?). I have mostly great memories of the 60s....I loved the music, the movies, the television....I loved the innocence! I walked to school...I played in the streets most nights...there were NO cell phones or computers....we had only about four TV channels and TV was BLACK and WHITE (at least for us it was!!)...we actually KNEW our neighbors and those kids were our best friends!! I'll never forget the innocence and the happiness that was the 60s!!!
This has been GGGGGGGGREAT fun and I hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane!!!

COMMENT to be eligible to win!!! I will pick two winners of the Rural Jardin fat quarters this, keep watching and STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!



  1. And we had to learn to use a slide rule!

  2. We didn't have color TV either. I loved babysitting the bratty kid next door because they had the only color TV in the neighborhood!

  3. Thanks for letting us all go back and revisit the great 60's. I very much enjoyed the memories.

  4. I've been doing some traveling this week and still trying to keep up with the posting. I found myself thinking back to the 60's and it helped filled the time with some wonderful memories! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the drawing...I know just the quilt pattern I would use this in!

  5. thanks for the trip back to the good old days.

  6. I mostly remember the 60's because of reactions of my parents and older brother and sisters. They were teenagers at the time. I was a "late" family addition if you get my drift. I remember my oldest sister crying because President Kennedy got shot. I remember sitting in the living room with family gathered around waiting for the Beatles to be on Ed Sulivan and then my mother shreiking because they had long hair. I remember not being able to go out and play after dinner the day Martin Luther King was killed. I remember my mom and dad not going to San Francisco because all the hippies were there. And, I do remember we had a good friend who was in the Navy coming to tell us he didn't have to go to Vietnam after all.